Madrid-based electro label Fundamental Records will soon release Electric Eclectics, a new box set featuring 21 12″s (the first 18 by an individual artist and 19/20 by various artists). The package will be accompanied by an extra 7″ by Arpanet, an alias of Dopplereffekt’s Gerald Donald (a.k.a Heinrich Mueller / a.k.a Der Zyklus / a.k.a Zerkalo (with Victoria Lukas)). 

Donald has collaborated with and supported Fundamental Records projects before, with the third 808 Box and the last part of the Elektro Domésticos compilation in 2011, but this time he delivers “Einstein Ring” as Arpanet. The record is only available with the Electric Eclectics box. 

This box set itself is limited edition. Most of these units have been pre-assigned to the people who supported the 808 Box. The label has used a high-quality sleeve for all these records; each one is manufactured with Italian cardboards from 100% recycled waste and silkscreen printed one by one in a special luminescent ink that glows in the dark. This will also help to see the information in the cover under low light. There are also non-luminescent boxes available. 

We’re also told that the release should be considered as an extension of 808 Box—5th Anniversary, a series of vinyl box sets released last year that focused on the sound of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. 

“We consider this project an extension of the Time Capsule project a.k.a 808 Box, the foundations and the aim of this project is exactly the same. The 808 Box is a good example of how diverse is the electro music, but with this new project, we wanted to deepen more in the work of some artists who helped to build and develop the sound of modern electro music.

“Some of these artists are an essential part of this music since many years ago, others are the present and the future of the underground electro music. 

“This new box includes 20 high-quality vinyl records, mastered and cut at 45rpm for the best sound and dynamics. The audio included in the next link is about one/two minutes of all tracks included in each record… this is more than 3 hours… but the total length of the 20 records is almost 9 hours of pure electro music.” 

Electric Eclectics is available for pre-order now, with release earmarked for mid-July, although this is likely to be delayed. It will be vinyl-only release. More information, including tracks and pricing, can be found here, with a tailor and breakdown of records below. 

Meanwhile, you can stream Arpanet’s “Einstein Ring” exclusively in full via the player below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 

Box Set Listing 

001. Carl Finlow 

002. Microlith

003. Cignol 

004. Metacomplex 

005. Nullptr 

006. Scape One 

007. Nbenprodukt 

008. Franck Kartel

009. Kan3da

010. Das Muster 

011. Johan Inkinen 

012. Luxus Varta 

013. Obergman 

014. Foreing Sequence 

015. Mesak 

016. Mental Note 

017. Cygnus 

018. Noise&Noise