Marionette will soon release a double-LP from Kilchhofer, titled The Book Room.

Benjamin Kilchhofer is not new to the world of recorded music, yet he doesn’t seem to fit into a particular scene or group. The Basel producer avoids the spotlight and isn’t really visible in today’s culture of ever-changing content and social media. This 20-track release is this first full album from the Kilchhofer project, which focuses on modular synthesis and the occasional use of live percussion. It follows two EPs for the Toronto-based label. Kilchhofer has previously released more melodic music as TImoka.

We’re told that the album is Kilchhofer’s “musical diary”— his “library of emotions.” The label describes it as “a fairytale, an imaginary place shaped by exotic cultures, an escape from modern society, a collage of real and imagined experiences.” “You can hear influences abstracted from a wide number of musical approaches: the story-telling nature of folklore music, naive and conflicting rhythms of tribal drums, melodies and pads reminiscent of classical minimalism and microtonal experimental music, the freedom approach of early electronic music and krautrock, and buried deep within the tracks some hints of hedonistic dance and club music.”


A1. Anzu
A2. Varen
A3. Leng
A4. Chogal
A5. Trift
B1. Hedha
B2. Plyn
B3 Wiwanni
B4. Nihic
B5. Lubbari
C1. Topot
C2. Karon
C3. Wron
C4. Durhi
C5. Skimo
D1. Uhta
D2. Grima
D3. Thorron
D4. Vran
D5. Tusk

The Book Room LP is scheduled for late February release, with “Leng” streaming in full via the player below.