Gilles Aiken (a.k.a Edward) will soon make his first appearance on Baby Ford’s legendary Trelik label with three tracks of reduced, refined, and psychedelic house music.

Aiken has been prolific since first emerging more than 10 years ago, initially releasing through White before joining the Giegling contingent. His acclaimed Desert Sky alias has been an outlet for more experimental fare on Assemble Music and PAL SL, but as Edward, he offers up a distinctive take on minimal house and techno that matches studio flair with warmth and personality.

He’s now set to debut on Trelik, a three-track P that “finds Edward at the top of his game crafting utterly workable club tracks for adventurous souls,” the label explains.


A1. Mikko (Ogermania Mix)
B1. Lottery
B2. Groaning Ghosts

Rumours EP will land on March 26 via Trelik, with “Lottery” streaming in full below.