Marcel Fengler will soon release the second part of IMF10, a three-part compilation series detailing the past, present, and future of his label Index Marcel Fengler (IMF)

IMF10 is a collection of exclusive originals and remixes created by some of electronic music’s most skilled producers, alongside contributions from rising talents who are set to shape the direction of the label for years to come. 

Split into three parts, released throughout the first half of 2018, each volume consists of six tracks and encapsulates a different tone, aimed to highlight not only the versatile sonic constellation of the label but also the breadth Fengler enjoys exploring in his DJ sets. 

Part one, available now, explores deeper and more hypnotic territory, as Alva Noto makes his debut for IMF re-working the Fengler classic “Sphinx,” alongside a new contribution from DIN, the collaborative project between Fengler and Efdemin—a welcome return with the project after a three-year hiatus. Elsewhere, friends Matrixxman (in collaboration with producer Riccardo Limiti) and Lucy also join the compilation crafting powerful originals, alongside Scuba with a rework courtesy of his SCB project, plus a new track from Slovenian’s Blaukoma. 

Part two, out soon, takes a different route, focusing on the warmer and more soulful side of IMF and features an array of artists making their debut for the label. There’s FJAAK, a Shed remix of  Vril, and Thomas Hessler. Vienna’s Arthur Robert—a new face Fengler discovered after he sent him tracks over Facebook—contributes a  shimmering work. 

Highlighting this section of the project is the first AZUR track—Marcel’s new side project. He explains: “I’ve always liked to be diverse with my music, but I also don’t want to confuse people. This is the reason why I decided to give my melodic and groovy side its own identity. My music under the Marcel Fengler name will go back to its roots and be more raw and rough in production terms.”

Part 3 focuses on the tougher end of the techno spectrum and features Marcel Fengler’s first original production in two years, a rare offering from Sebastian Kramer (aka Redshape), a prized Luke Slater re-work of Thomas Hessler, and Peter Van Hoesen. 

The final digital package will be complemented by a DJ mix from Thomas Hessler comprised of tracks from IMF10. 

Ahead of Part 2’s May 30 release, you can stream Shed’s remix of Vril via the player below. 

Shed is one of my absolute favorite producers since a long time. The way he’s handling grooves, melodies, and atmospheres in his productions is absolutely outstanding and catches me immediately. After we worked out a remix of a track from my album Fokus back in 2013, I’m excited to have him contribute to IMF as well. He’s influenced me a lot.— Marcel Fengler 

Part 1

01. Marcel Fengler “Sphinx” (Alva Noto Remodel) 

02. DIN “Akustikkoppler”

03. Matrixxman & Riccardo Limiti “Speed”

04. Lucy “Sticks And Stones”

05. Somewhen “Dain” (SCB Expension)

06. Blaukoma “Iris Pattern”

Part 2

01. FJAAK “Ether” 

02. Vril “Thronwagen” (SHDRMX) 

03. Eric Cloutier “Hadal” 

04. AZUR “With You”

05. Thomas Hessler “Senses” 

06. Arthur Robert “Schwäche” 

Part 3

01. Marcel Fengler “Phalanx” 

02. Thomas Hessler “Perception” (Luke Slater Remix) 

03. AVION “Angel Ruts” 

04. Sebastian Kramer “Chaser” 

05. Peter van Hoesen “Folding Backwards”

06. Gotshell “Track 3”

Release dates

 Part 1: April 20 

 Part 2: May 30 

Part 3: TBC June 

 Full digital bundle: June 29