Next week, Audiofly will release its first EP in 16 months, Chiaroscuro, on Supernature.

The recent XLR8R podcast alumni deliver a storming, three-track EP which finds the duo exploring new developments in its sound: “For us, this EP was about on one side discovering new expressions of our sound, and on the other, rediscovering the classic elements of the underground that we ultimately look for in the music we love. Yin and yang, dark and light,” says Audiofly. That yin and yang is front and centre on the EP’s deep and rolling title track “Chiaroscuro.” Opening with a growling low end, the track swiftly locks you into a groove before pouring in a plethora of whirling synths and otherworldy sound design across it’s eight-minute run. “Chiaroscuro” is backed up on the b-side by the acid drenched “Shapes” featuring Big Bully, which also lands with an instrumental version.

Officially released on July 13, the EP’s title cut, “Chiaroscuro,” is streaming in full below, along with Audiofly’s upcoming tour dates.

Tour dates:

July 11 – MAMAMIA Alternative Music Club, Ancona, Italy
July 16 – Flying Circus @ Heart, Ibiza, Spain
July 18 – Alfa Future People festival, Russia (Luca)
July 18 – casa ponton baraj, Romania
July 23 – Enter, Ibiza, Spain
August 1 – Flying Circus Monasterio, Barcelona, Spain
August 13 – Flying Circus @ Heart, Ibiza, Spain
August 14 – Sunwaves Festival, Romania
August 15 – Das Merkwürdiges Verhalten, Offenbach am Main, Germany
August 19 – Hyte, Amnesia, Spain
August 20 – Publico, Stockholm , Sweden