Benjamin Led (a.k.a BEAN) will drop a debut EP via Los Angeles-based TAR, the label of Paul “PBDY” Preston.

Benjamin Led is a 21-year-old producer who started making techno when he was 15 with a cracked version of Ableton on his brother’s laptop. Soon he was playing in his hometown Munich live with his first set at 16 years old. For the last two years now, he’s been residing in Berlin spending half of his teenage years still in front of his laptop, falling in even deeper in love with production. His inspirations come from artists like Arca to Yung Lean. The music is not supposed to be liked the first time you listen; BEAN wants people to discover every part of the tracks.

The EP was made in two weeks with a sudden urge of ideas, and features “a mix of rhythms and ambient emotional melody.”


01. Gone
02. Thunder
03. Rest
04. Forever
05. Shut

Ahead of the EP’s March 2 release, you can stream “Shut” via the player below.