On November 26, Fluxion‘s Vibrant Music will begin operations again with Accumulate, the first release from Deepchord & Fluxion’s Transformations project.

Accumulate will also preempt the duo’s new live act, which is set to premiere a week after the release at Gray Area, in San Francisco, California on December 8. The performance will showcase music from Accumulate, as well as a collection of unreleased tracks and upcoming scheduled releases. Musically, the new project plays out like a sonic road trip, as DeepChord and Fluxion explain:

“We are keeping the tempo and the excitement up, and at the same time we are making the music more visual. We want people to feel like we are watching a road movie where anything can happen. We want to indulge the audience making them a participant, an observant on how we can move on a linear form from one place to the next and slowly change the audio scenery, like it would have occurred on a road trip, where some things look familiar further into the trip and others have changed.”

Ahead of the release, you pre-order Accumulate here, with “Accumulate Pt. 1” streaming in full via the player below.