Later this month, Liam Wachs (a.k.a. Desert Sound Colony) will launch his Holding Hands imprint with an EP under his new dancefloor alias DSC.

Following several years writing and touring as the band Desert Sound Colony—a project informed by ’60s psychedelia and his pastoral surroundings in the British countryside—Wachs is returning to his dancefloor roots with DSC. Up until now, the DSC moniker had only popped up once before on Search The Skies, a split vinyl-only release on Planetary Notions.

Titled Far Reaching, the new EP takes inspiration “from the deep well of our musical past,” with styles such as drum & bass, jungle, breaks, house, and hardcore all influencing the two tracks on offer. Although it gives a nod to the past, Far Reaching is full of fresh ideas that are aimed squarely at an “unimagined future.” Both tracks beg to be played on big soundsystems—the title track is the EP’s peak-time offering, with “Too Hard” its more meditative sister track.

Far Reaching drops on April 21 and can be pre-ordered over at Red Eye Records, with the EP’s titled track streaming in full via the player below.