At the end of this month, Paul Ritch will debut his new Kaczmarek project with an audio/visual concept album, titled IIIIIIIIIIIIII.

IIIIIIIIIIIIII and the Kaczmarek project will be the introductory act on his new KCZ MRK label, previewing the type of material that will be performed in a set of upcoming shows in a 3D sound space with new spatial audio technology. The music of Kaczmarek lends itself perfectly to this type of environment, with 14 tracks that contribute to a rich ghostly sonic environment. The tracks—which are simply labeled by their place on the album—are stunning and, at times, frightening psychic adventures that stay with you long after listening.

In support of the forthcoming release, Ritch has offered up a full stream of the mesmerizing “IIIIII,” available to stream via the player below, with the album preview video streaming above.