Alexey Devyanin (a.k.a. Pixelord) is a Siberian-born producer known for a sound that fuses elements of bass, footwork, garage, and grime. His latest album, Human.exe, is set to drop on September 23 via Hyperboloid, the label he runs with Acid Mafia and Saburov.

Devyanin has always pushed forward-thinking, futuristic sonics, but Human.exe will take his sound even further into a dystopian abyss, focusing on a robot who wants to be human while also echoing his own childhood, as he explains:

Human.exe is about a robot who wants to be a human but still he is a program, exe file. The video will be about this particular robot too. My music was always retro-futuristic and nostalgic about old computers and systems, this time as well .exe is the reference to my childhood, IDM music, DOS programs, and cyber romanticism.”

In the lead-up to the album’s release, Devyanin has given us the second taste of the album in “Operator”—the first was premiered by Boiler Room. It’s a wild industrial ride with a mechanical groove at its base, a perfect precursor for the forthcoming full-length.

You can stream “Operator” in full via the player above, with the album available for preorder here.