Revered Romanian trio Premiesku (a.k.a. Livio and Roby, and George G) will drop its latest EP, Altitude, on Desolat on January 25.

Known for a revered live show—which consists of and is performed using specially made consoles and dedicated hardware—Premiesku’s latest EP finds the trio taking a different approach to the usual live setup, as they explain: “We really felt it was time to let the machines sing for us, so we connected our live modules and equipment in a way totally different from our live rig. We also tried a generative approach, and then started experimenting with things, like sending the sequences from our drum machines to the base module and to a sampler and then forcing the notes to have different feelings than before.”

Spread across four brilliantly varied tracks, Altitude finds the trio in devastating form. From the trippy triple cut to the low-slung groove of “Neo,” there’s something for every hour and vibe. Altitude will drop on January 25, with “Neo” available to stream in full via the player above.