Private Persons returns with its second release from the Ukraine-based artist Youngg P.

The four tracks on the EP were written in 2014 during mass turmoil in Kiev and in turn share a deep, moody aesthetic. The testing times and the tracks on Carpathian Rave signal a creative period for Youngg P, who describes the release’s focus below:

“I and millions of my countrymen had very mixed feelings and everyone was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of the terrible flow of information. Accordingly, almost all of the tracks on the EP have a minor mood, such as “WAR,” which generally resembles a military marching. In general, it is such a small soundtrack about these really dark days in my country. It tells about the utter confusion and frustration, fear and hatred.”

Carpathian Rave can be purchased now via Lobster Theremin’s new store, with “WAR,” the EP’s powerful opening cut, streaming in full via the player below, along with snippets of all four cuts.