Taapion Records co-founder Shlømo will make his debut on Wolfskuil Limited this month with his latest EP, Avadon.

Avadon features two originals from Shlømo, “Avadon (Part 1)” and “Avadon (Part 2),” with a remix of Part 1 by Token Records mainstay Antigone—who evidently featured on Taapion’s second release. Both originals show Shlømo’s textural expertise: tightly wound layers of ambience and noise overlap and swirl underneath the Paris-based producer’s razor-edged percussion. Antigone’s remix is much more subdued, focusing on intricate layers and percussive nuances, the Parisian producer provides a masterclass in restraint and, in turn, shows how beautiful techno can be.

Avadon will be released on 12″ vinyl and digitally on September 25, with “Avadon (Part 2)” streaming in full below.