Bård Aasen Lødemel (a.k.a. Skatebård) will drop his latest LP, CDIII, on October 23 via Norwegian imprint Balsa Wood.

Lødemel’s colorful musical background—he’s played the part of heavy metal drummer, techno and electro producer, and MC for one Norway’s best-selling hip-hop acts—is plastered all over the sprawling, cosmic journey that is CDIII. Spread across 10 tracks, the LP presents a diverse selection of cuts taking in slow-mo house, old-school electro, primitive drum workouts, and Detroit-inspired techno, all stitched together with Lødemel’s signature stripped-back, psychedelic sound.

CDIII is available for preorder now over at iTunes, or Brilliance, with the chunky disco cut “Donko Donko” streaming in full via the player below.