The third release on Curses‘ OMBRA INTL will drop on September 15.

For those unfamiliar, OMBRA is a vinyl-only imprint that focuses on post-punk and synth wave-influenced artists working at the darker end of the electronic music spectrum. The releases all feature four artists, each from a different country, who give their take on guitar-based electronics—artists such as Spanish producers K-effect and Cannibal Ink and Melbourne’s Dawn Again, for example.

Ombra Intl 003 will present a selection of deep cuts from Roe Deers (Lithuania), Perel (Germany), Veneno (Mexico), and Teniente Castillo feat. Skelesys (Spain). Like the releases preceding it, Ombra Intl 003 is a collection of hallucinatory cuts built for the hazy hours of the morning.

You can pre-order Ombra Intl 003here, with Teniente Castillo feat. Skelesys’ “Not That Way” streaming in full below.