El Choop and Tim Gee will release Mitchell’s Fold via Default Position on February 25.

The collaboration kicked off after El Choop and Tim Gee met and exchanged music at the legendary Freerotation Festival—both artists were already operating at the dubbier ends of house and techno and found synergy in each other’s work. Mitchell’s Fold, the first offering from the duo, is a masterclass in dubbed-out electronics, and takes its name from an ancient stone circle hidden in the hills of the Welsh border. With its eerie namesake as a backdrop, the EP’s three tracks mine a dark middle ground between house and techno; they’re constantly evolving dub frameworks filled with fathoms-deep grooves, rippling dub chords, and expertly programmed rhythms.

In support of the EP, Default Position has offered up a full stream of “Swelted,” the transfixing b-side groove, available via the player below. 

You can pre-order the EP here.