The second release on Lisbon label Dream Ticket—a sub-label of Carpet & Snares Records—will arrive courtesy of Binaural.

The EP, titled Mescla, follows on from Binary Digit’s 38490 Electronics, a warped collection of acid, with five mind-bending electro cuts. From the hyperactive robotics of opening cut, “Director,” to the deep intoxicating grooves of “Qwerty” and the closing cut’s subtle jazz licks, Mescla is sure to turn some heads in the scene—and set some bodies moving in the process. 

In support of the release, Dream Ticket has offered up a full stream of the mind-bending EP cut “Qwerty,” available to stream via the player below.

You can pre-order the release here, with “Qwerty” streaming in full via the player below.