Later this month, Tapefeed—a duo made up of Alessandro Boni and Rick Vayo—will release their new EP, Dawn On The Eclipse, via Metempsychosis Records.

On the EP, Tapefeed deliver three original cuts that touch on Japanese mythology and the tale of storm god Susanoo, retracing “the steps taken by the gods from the darkness, disorder, and dismay created by Susanoo to the lucidity, light, and ultimate return of order as the gleaming Amaterasu (Susanoo’s sister) re-emerges from her cave.” The tracks are deep and twisting, retelling the tale via haunting atmospheres and ritualistic percussion. Alongside the originals is a remix from shadowy techno master Vril—XLR8R recently profiled him in an In The Studio feature—who turns his hand to “Susanoo.”

You can pre-order the release here, with “Amaterasu” streaming in full via the player below.