Hailing from Antwerp, Sons of Tiki is an enigmatic, all-analog duo that has been contributing to the European techno underground for nearly 10 years. In 2013, the pair launched their studio discography with Berlin label Vakant with a succinct three-tracker entitled Seven Changes. The music on their debut EP was much like its cover art, which depicted a distorted image of an ancient bust sculpture: an off-kilter, slightly unsettling offering that took interest in toying with conventions.

Their Mystery Shapes Of The Third Movement EP, released July 4, sees them amping up the unorthodox forms present in past compositions. “N.M.K.S,” which the Sons have presented for an XLR8R premiere, departs from the forward-thinking dance floor jams of their debut and moves into the more experimental territories of broken beat, dub techno, and more.

Stream the track in the player above, and purchase the release from Vakant here.