Mia Lucci will release a new EP on her Kindisch label next month, titled 8 Pounds.

Over the past decade, the Australian-born DJ-producer has become renowned for mesmerising house and techno grooves. “For me, it’s about fun, excitement and energy,” she says. “I want to create an environment where people can let go, forget about any issue they might have in their life, and be completely consumed by the music and the moment.”

Opener “Liv” is a track inspired by creation itself, and floats along its tech-house roots as it gradually blossoms into a warm bath of pad and emotion. “Melon Clouds” breaks the trance and delivers a deep and housey groove, and for the last part of the journey, Lucci delivers “Sleepless,” where an air of experimentalism flutters through the tones as a thick percussive line drives the energy further. 

The three-track release is Kindisch’s first of the year, and comes direct from Lucci’s new home of Barcelona. “The last 10 years of my life has been one big circus. Always on the move. Settling in Barcelona with my own studio where I can produce and create makes me feel great about what I am doing,” she says. “I’m enjoying making harder styles of music at the moment, with a greater focus on drums. My experience in the studio is constantly changing and developing which keeps life interesting and fun.”

Ahead of the release, out on February 8 on digital and via a limited pressing of 100 vinyl, you can hear “Liv” in full via the player below, with pre-order here.


A. Mia Lucci “Liv”

B1. Mia Lucci “Melon Clouds”

B2. Mia Lucci “Sleepless”