The latest from San Fransisco-based DJ and producer Kush Arora‘s Only Now project is set to drop on Infinite Machine on June 30.

Over the last few years, both Infinite Machine and the projects from Arora have proved to be XLR8R favorites, with numerous premieres and free downloads featuring across the site. The latest, an EP titled Timeslave, is no different; built from seven mind-bending tracks, it finds both the label and Arora in typically boundary-pushing form.

The Only Now project focuses on esoteric, ritualistic rhythms and sounds; as Arora states, it’s “power music for the spirit and body.” The latest outing, Timeslave, puts this focus into overdrive, presenting a collection of cuts filled with mind-bending tribal percussion and bass so heavy that it shakes the walls.

In support of the EP, Infinite Machine has offered up a full stream of “Bound,” a devilish percussive steamroller that can be heard via the player below.