Jonny Oso‘s new album, Digital Mystical, is out now on Pastel Voids.

Following recent outings by Western Versions, Phork, and Jónó Mí Ló, Digital Mystical explores “themes of technology induced loneliness, psychic phenomena, internet spy paranoia, and parallel worlds—Digital Mystical is the rhythmic expression of a self proclaimed spiritual futurist, living in the poisonous dust of the last vestiges of civilization.” The nine tracks on the album are wildly eclectic sonic excursions that touch on jungle, breaks, garage, house, and techno whilst retaining a recognizable thread throughout. Digital Mystical is Oso’s first release since last year’s Mind/Body/Science EP, and is a noticeable step up in technical proficiency and delivery.

With the release now on the shelves, Pastel Voids has offered up a full stream of 

You can purchase Digital Mystical here.