An announced, Odeko will release a debut album on Mr. Mitch‘s Gobstopper imprint in April.

The Welsh producer first appeared on the Gobstopper imprint in 2016 with the 2016 A.I.-influenced A History With Samus, before reappearing in early 2017 with Digital Botanics / Construct Conduct. He’s now set to release Rose Tinted Vision Implant, a debut album set in a “post-Ballard, post-Gibson, post-Miéville, alternate reality.”

We’re told that the album sees the Bath-based producer “creating a cutting-edge sonic world inspired by speculative fiction, time/reality shifting stories, and dystopian shit.” The entire record is structured around and expands upon his passion for the “future,” underpinning the music via an underlining narrative.

Odeko notes: “It’s a bit of a satire on corporate brands pushing these great products that everyone is obsessed but that are detrimental to both the world, and how we perceive reality. Our relationship with social media and tech could go down a dangerous path if we lose sight of things. I’m going quite far here for the sake of the concept, but things like VR, AR, the want for body tech, mixed with our desire to be connected, emotionally, digitally, physically, wirelessly could lead us to a world where everyone has implants or some kind of tech built into them.”

The record explores a “post-IDM, post-grime, post-ambient, post-glitch, post-retro-house, post-instrumental grime, take on electronic music.”


01. Anomaly Detection
02. OpticRose.0.1\Installation
03. SodaJerk 3000
04. manthemirror
06. OpticRose.0.2\Recalibration
07. Designer Violence
08. Timeslides
09. Boîte Diabolique
10. Retrograde
11. OpticRose.0.3\SYNCERROR
12. Through The Smoke (Final Visit)
13. Deluge

Rose Tinted Vision Implant LP will land on April 13, with “REPLACE BATTERY” streaming exclusively in full below.