Curses‘ long-awaited debut album will drop on October 26 via Dischi Autunno.

Titled Romantic Fiction, the album draws influence from his youth growing up in NYC in the ’80s, as well as a range of styles Curses has made his own over the last few years, namely new wave, post-punk, EDM, and industrial. Across the nine tracks—hint: there’s a hidden track on the vinyl release—Curses skillfully weaves these styles into a set of immersive songs equally at home in headphones as they are the club. On the album, Curses manages to mine the past whilst creating a modern sonic palette full of escapism, angst, and introspection. Romantic Fiction also features guest spots from Perel and Dischi Autunno boss Jennifer Cardini.

Ahead of the forthcoming release, Curses has offered up a full stream of opening cut, “Surrender,” a seductive slice of post-punk, available via the player below.

You can pre-order the album here.