On Friday, North East London duo Deeds will drop their latest EP, Disorder, on Snap, Crackle & Pop.

Combining mechanical beats with floating melodies, Deeds’ music touches on everything from film scores and soundtrack work to ambient, synth-wave, post-punk, and house. On the new EP, the duo filter these influences through a dancefloor lens, crafting two original tracks of brooding sonics.

Alongside the originals, the EP also includes remixes from Swedish artist The Field and San Francisco’s Honey Soundsystem member Bezier. For his rework of the title track, The Field takes a trippy route, twisting the original into a kaleidoscopic journey full of overlapping atmospheres. On the flip, Bezier takes “Unknown” down a futuristic path with soaring synths and body-moving drum-machine rhythms.

Ahead of the March 31 release—which can be pre-ordered here—you can stream The Field’s remix in full via the player below.