Tact Recordings co-founder Fletcher will release a new EP on vinyl-only sub-label Tactics on October 16.

Fletcher, a Berlin-based producer and DJ who is also one half of Adventures in Daydreams, has been picking up steam via a stream of releases that have gained support from artists such as Larry Heard, Oskar Offermann, Mr. G, and Ivan Smagghe. His latest, Tactics Vol.3, continues this trend with three cuts ranging from deep ethereal dub (“Faucet”) to trippy, groove-driven minimal (“Oildrum”) and atmospheric house (“Brewed”). The music is subtle and affecting without losing its dancefloor focus—a testament to Fletcher’s production skills.

Ahead of the release, you can pre-order Tactics Vol.3 here, with “Faucet” streaming in full via the player below.