Veronica Maximova has shared a new track from her upcoming debut album, Computerlove

Maximova is a performing artist, producer, and composer, who, after leaving Moscow at a young age, arrived in Ghent, Belgium, and then Berlin, Germany in 2014, where she decided to focus her energy on writing and releasing music. Four years later, she self-released her first EP, Mirror Me, on digital formats, followed by the synthwave EP New World Being, made in collaboration with her band project, Sönder. Contrast is a primary theme to Veronica’s music—she aims to strike a balance between light and dark, optimism and pessimism, human and machine, revolution and peace. Often dreamy vocals and obscure spoken word sit on a backdrop of synthetic and acoustic sounds, “painting vivid memoirs” of her childhood in Moscow,” the label explains. 

We’re told that debut album Computerlove “sets the scene for a broader vision” for the Voitax label, while also establishing Maximova as a “fresh and important artistic voice” on the Berlin label’s roster. Ahead of its release, you can stream Cantsleep below, featuring soothing lyrics, coupled with a touching, dream-like piano melody, all blended against wailing brass and spiralling streams of thought. 


A1. Computerlove 

A2. Cantsleep

A3. Fakboi

B1. Fake It

B2. Who Cares

B3. Truth Is Your Flash

Computerlove LP is out on November 19 on Voitax.