Smart Bar resident DJ and Electric Deluxe artist Jeff Derringer has produced numerous tracks for record labels such as Perc Trax, L.A.G., and Blank Code. Jeff also hosts his own event series at Smart Bar called Oktave,a monthly techno gathering that is regarded as one of the most respected club nights in the USA.

Derringer also performed earlier this year on the infamous Underground Stage at Movement in Detroit, which also saw performances by Steffi, Cell Injection, and Regis. Now that the dust has settled on Movement 2015, we finally have the opportunity to debut the live recording of Jeff’s set from the festival exclusively on our Soundcloud. In addition to hosting the mix, we would like to extend a special thank you to Jeff, everyone involved with Oktave, and all of the staff over at Smart Bar for their continued support of XLR8R over the years.

You can find Jeff Derringer’s upcoming tour dates, and the confirmed dates for Oktave, below; along with his mix from Movement Detroit.

Tour dates:

09/05/15 – Oktave with DVS1 and Jeff Derringer at Smart Bar, Chicago

09/18/15 – Oktave with Drumcell, Project 313 and Jeff Derringer at Smart Bar, Chicago

09/26/15 – Pitch Black showcase with Function, Jeff Derringer, Bryan Black, Cold Cave
10/09/15 – Great American Techno Festival with Shawn Rudiman, Israel Vines

Miss Kitten & The Hacker РPPPO (Sandwell District Remix) [Nobody’s Bizzness]
Kessell – Kelva [Pole Group]
Peter Van Hoesen – Drift [Time To Express]
Jeff Derringer – Ballorama [L.A.G. Berlin]
Shifted – Unveiled [Avian]
Planetary Assault Systems – The 808 Track [Token]
Norman Nodge – Signal Response [MDR]
Mike Parker – Spitting Electricity [Mote Evolver]
Bjarki – I Wanna Go Bang [Trip]
Antigone – Enter [Token]
Post Scriptum – Gliese 581 [Infrastructure NY]
Antigone – Artefakt [Token]
Rrose – Signs [Eaux]
Shed – Boom Room [Ostgut Ton]
Peter Van Hoesen – Terminal [Time To Express]
Planetary Assault Systems – Future Modular [Mote Evolver]
Jeff Derringer – The Stranger [Electric Deluxe]
Distant Echoes – Master Blaster [Dystopian]
Markus Suckut – False [Edit Select]
Jeff Derringer – Further [Prosthetic Pressings]