The latest release to land on UK label Nostro Hood System will be Cuyo‘s π Drops.

The EP follows a run of outings from Barrow and Callosum and a sprawling VA featuring cuts from the aforementioned pair, as well as Galtier, Noire, Lew Boo, and more. Cuyo’s new EP is a musical embodiment of his deep connection to the Earth—a driving force for his musical vision—and looks to show an “infinite potential for the people of the world to shape the Earth into a colorful paradise without war, poverty, and prejudice.” As the label further states, the EP is a “response to the growing apathy of an admittedly depressed youth” and an invitation for “a discouraged youth to flamboyantly care more than ever in a world that needs all the love it can get.”

Musically, the release features three masterfully produced originals, from the tense and erratic grooves of “Care Con Flare” to the dembow rhythms of “RIA” and the expansive, bass-heavy wonderment of “τ (Tau).” Alongside the originals, Club Chai co-founder FOOZOOL twists “RIA” into a deep atmospheric ride through subterranean bass.

The prep of the new EP also runs alongside Cuyo’s initiative to help raise money to build a “hurricane-resistant, off-grid school for autonomous building and permaculture located in Aguada.” As Cuyo states: “I am here to crowd fund my participation in Phase 2 of the build (between June 20 – 30), and in continuation of my last fundraiser, help build water collection systems for groups to utilize in other schools and homes around the island.” 

In support of the EP, Cuyo has offered up a full stream of “τ (Tau),” available via the player below. 

You can pre-order the EP here, with Cuyo’s crowdfunding page here.