At this year’s Freerotation Festival, London-based DJ and composer Aboutface performed an inspired live project called ‘Vaga’ that used the River Wye’s characteristics as a metaphorical representation of the journey of humanity—”where have we come from, who we were, who we are, and who we may become.” Aboutface used recordings taken from a 20-mile canoe trip down the River Wye as the project’s centerpiece, around which danced live synths, guitar, violin, and percussion—from the instrumentation of Taro and Ben Kelly. As ambitious as the project was, Aboutface pulled it off in his idiosyncratic style—you can check out the recording below—paving the way and setting the standard for his next his next release, In The Tepid Shine We Breathe.

Spread across two original tracks and a remix from Redshape, the EP is much more dancefloor-focused than the project it follows. The title track and “There Must Be Chaos Within You To Give Birth To A Dancing Star”—like ‘Vaga’—both showcase Aboutface’s ability to inject ghostly melancholia into his work. To close the EP, Redshape turns his hand to the title track, stripping it back and applying his clinical techno touch.

In The Tepid Shine We Breathe drops today on Amirali’s Dark Matters imprint, with “There Must Be Chaos Within You To Give Birth To A Dancing Star” streaming in full via the player above.