For the label’s 10th anniversary celebrations, Huntleys + Palmers continue an impressive run of form on new sub-label, Belters. Following releases from Innershades and Hi & Saberhägen this year, they now introduce another new artist in Pandreas (a.k.a Andreas Kleven Rasmussen).

The young producer hails from Norway’s remote western shores, a country which has earned its reputation as a hotbed for bright, erudite electronic music, from Skatebård to Sotofett. His latest Slam Jam EP is another major step forward for the young producer, blending expansive off-kilter house, techno and disco, it follows his praised debut EP Ras and follow up release Rube.


01. Slam Jam
02. Den Litle Tromme, Gut
03. En Femten
04. Ding

In advance of the EP’s July 14 release, “Den Litle Tromme, Gut” is streamable in full below.