German DJ and producer Dave DK has been on the scene for quite some time now, releasing music for over 15 years on highly regarded labels such as Moodmusic, Pampa, and most recently, Cologne based institution Kompakt. At the end of this month, Dave will release his latest LP, Val Maira, an epic sonic journey traversing styles and genres, from pop-ambient to more tuneful house and techno. The album spans 11 tracks, including the one below titled, “Whitehill,” which features the vocals of frequent Stimming collaborator Piper Davis.

“Whitehill” unfolds beautifully across it’s 6 minute run, opening with deep, muted rhythms and layers that unroll themselves into more melodic territory. Davis adds her silky vocal touch to top things off, made all the more effective with Dave’s deft production touch. You can hear “Whitehill” in full below, with more album info and a pre-order option here, ahead of the April 27 release date.