Amon Tobin is back with Dark Jovian, an exclusive Record Store Day release and his first since 2011’s breathtaking ISAM. The EP is a stunning, sonic experimentation with cinematic qualities, which wears it’s influences on its sleeve. “I made these tracks a year or two ago after binge-watching space exploration films. People have, from time to time, described things I’ve done as “scores for imaginary movies,” which has always irritated me, but on this occasion it’s sort of true.” Amon says, “Anyone who loves John Williams, Gerry Goldsmith or Gyorgy Ligeti will hopefully see what I’m drawing from, and how it then sits in an electronic context. Dark Jovian is a small personal project which is, nevertheless, dear to me: A one off indulgence into a genre that I love.”

Dark Jovian will be released via Ninja Tune this Saturday, with the Eprom Remix of “In Your Own Time” streaming in full below, along with the product video for the release.