Weisz2’s latest single “Ko Si Eda To Mola” Ft Aladin Anyebe will arrive on June 22 via Luv Lite Recordings.

Following on from its excellent first release, El Vagabundo, “Ko Si Eda To Mola” Ft Aladin Anyebe finds Weisz2—made up of brothers Sascha Weisz and Andreas Weisz—fusing electronic production with elements of world music, with the track coming about after the pair moved to Ibiza and took up a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio with label mate Claudio Ricci. Innervisions affiliate Henrik Schwarz puts his masterful touch on the track, reworking it into more club-focused territory, with a low slung bassline and tightly wound synth lines.

You can hear Henrik Schwarz’s remix of “Ko Si Eda To Mola” Ft Aladin Anyebe in full below, with the full release available here.