Norwegian electronic producer Klunks will debut on Seattle’s Hush Hush Recordings on August 21 with the release of Elastic Forest.

The seven-track release is a unique and floating assortment of downtempo electronics that transport the listener to Klunks’ beautiful maze of sound. Whispered vocal samples converse with organic-tinged synthesis and faint, airy field recordings, all driven along by jazz-like percussion. It’s obvious this deep tapestry of sounds is a well thought out process, further highlighted by the Norwegian’s insight: “The compositional process is about making already encountered sounds more potent and unfamiliar. There is something very interesting when materialities unleash there own imperatives towards the body, it’s nothing more than a question of following sounds urgencies and what they summon, a sonic directiveness…”

Elastic Forest will be officially released on August 21 via the Hush Hush Bandcamp page, with the full release streaming exclusively below.