Next Friday, Colour8 Records will release Space Trix Volume.1, a collection of ambient tracks by some of the most innovative artists in today’s electronic music world including Matthew Dear (Ghostly International), Mike Slott (LuckyMe), Heathered Pearls, Claude Speeed, and Neon Jung (Magic Wire), among others.

The release explores 3D and binaural formats, which aim to transport the listener “inside the music,” with elements from the tracks appearing from all around, truly immersing the listening into the sonic world envisioned by the artists. To give you an idea of the ambitiousness of the project, Matthew Dear’s track “Around A Fountain” was mixed in a forest with the speakers placed amongst the trees, with the the track recorded from microphones placed inside CJ Mirra’s ears, placing the listener—when listened back on headphones—into the sonic environment exactly as it was intended. Each track from the album has been mixed in a similar way, sometimes real environments—like Dear’s—and other times, virtual.

Space Trix Volume.1 will be available on July 31 as a digital download, and also as a limited edition box with a bespoke 3D-printed Cosmonaut by Swedish digital artist Andreas Olsson. The box will feature a USB flash drive with all the tracks, artwork, and video content. The box will be available from and

Ahead of the release, you can stream Matthew Dear’s “Around A Fountain”—best enjoyed in headphones—below, along with the video teaser and video sampler.