Martyné & Jacob will return to their own Traffic Records for the label’s 12th release, landing after EPs from Z@P, Bodin & Jacob, and several various artist compilations.

Those fans of weirdo minimal house, electro, and off-kilter techno will be aware of the Frankfurt label. Alongside Patrick Klein and Bodin Stojanoski (a.k.a Bodin), Martyné and Jacob founded the label in 2013 and it has since become a focal point of what some feel is something of a Frankfurt renaissance. Releases, though infrequent, have become a staple in many of the world’s finest purveyors of these playful sounds.

Martyné & Jacob’s last collaborative effort on the label landed in 2016, and their upcoming return features three quality and fun minimal cuts in tune with the label’s aesthetic. Given the quality of the production, choosing one track to stream in full was no easy task, but we opted for B2, “Große Pause,” which you can hear below ahead of the EP’s late March vinyl-only release.


A. Quasequini
B1. Quasi
B2. Große Pause

Deathstar EP will land later this month, with “Große Pause” streaming in full below.

Artwork by Jan Paul Müller.

Traffic Records will be presenting a showcase at this year’s Lisboa Electronica event, taking place from Wed, April 4 until Sunday, April 8 in Lisbon, with more information, including tickets and lineups, here