Following the first ever Loci Records showcase tour—label head Emancipator was joined by imprint alumni Edamame, Tor, and Lapa at sold-out shows in Vancouver, NYC, Denver, and more—the label preps its first release of 2017 with Thoma‘s debut, self-titled album.

Influenced by jazz, world music, house, and techno, Thoma is a project that grew out of a desire between producers and long-time friends Tristan de Liège (formerly Stratus) and Benjamin Hill (Askanse) to “bring together their creative abilities and challenge themselves beyond their solo efforts.” Relocating from a small island near Vancouver in British Columbia to Los Angeles, the duo recorded the forthcoming album with an array of synths—with a strong focus on modular synthesis—samples, processed acoustic instruments, woodwinds, and upright bass.

The album will be out on February 3, and in the meantime, you can stream it in full via the player below.