Odd Nosdam has shared two exclusives cuts from his forthcoming Lost Wigs of Ohio album. 

Pulled from old DAT tapes recorded from 2000 to 2004 with an MPC2000, found records, Casio keyboard, and VHS tapes, Lost Wigs of Ohio touches on Nosdam’s work around his first solo album, No More Wig For Ohio, and outings as cLOUDDEAD and Reaching Quiet, among others. The 40 tracks on the LP feature all the Nosdam hallmarks that have made him such a loved figure in underground circles, namely gritty MPC grooves and hazy, warped melodies.

In support of the release, Nosdam has shared two cuts that served as the release’s starting point, as he explains:

“‘Earner’ and ‘Direct,’ back to back, served as my jump off for Lost Wigs Of Ohio. ‘Earner’ representing the more quirky, melodic stuff while ‘Direct’ is the more simple boom bap shit. I don’t remember making ‘Direct’ and hardly recall much about making ‘Earner’ other than most of its drums and samples were chopped and sequenced on an MPC2000. Some sounds were resampled on a Dr. Sample 202 to get that crusty, bit-crushed sound. A fresh drum break briefly pops in at the one-minute mark. I don’t remember who the break is by or why it’s in there in the first place. Speaking of breaks, the drums on ‘Direct’ are two of the most sampled breaks ever: Skull Snaps’ ‘It’s A New Day’ and ‘Impeach The President’ by The Honey Drippers (which I sampled from BDP’s ‘The Bridge Is Over’). No idea why or when I made ‘Direct’ but discovering it was revelatory. At the time, I’d been sitting on the bulk of the Lost Wigs material with no desire to do anything with the stuff but because ‘Direct’ had me so hyped on first listen, I felt compelled to start piecing it all together.”

The Lost Wigs of Ohio will be released on June 1 via Nosdam’s imprint Burnco Recs, and available across digital platforms worldwide, along with a run of limited-edition cassettes. You can pre-order the release here, with “Earner” and “Direct” streaming in full below.