Belgian producer Igor Vicente will kick off Decay Records‘ new vinyl-only sub label, The One and Only, with his Jasmine EP, to be released October 19.

Jasmine follows on from Vicente’s previous two EPs on Hot Creations and Mobilee, presenting a gorgeous nine-and-a-half minute steamroller of a track. From its outset, Vicente begins layering in an assortment of highly atmospheric pads, delayed, unrecognisable vocal chops, and slightly muted percussion that all work beautifully together locking the listener into a groove before wall shaking sub bass stabs begin interspersing themselves throughout.

Being the first release on The One and Only, Jasmine definitely has us hanging for more from the label and Vicente. Jasmine will be released as a one-sided vinyl on October 19 and, in the meantime, you can stream the cut in full below.