Mélodies Souterraines will soon release O/P, a various artist compilation featuring works from artists discovered around the globe: East Europe, Australia, Norway, and Germany. It’s the label’s sixth “opus” and is wildly eclectic, exploring a diverse range of electronic music styles, such as new wave, dub, IDM, and more.

Mélodies Souterraines was founded in 2015 by Saulk Regurk, aiming to explore diverse genres and styles from past and present, “a meeting point for cold electronics.”

In support of the release, which lands April 30, you can stream David Sudmalis’ gorgeous “Aquamarine” contribution via the player below. The track was composed in 2015 in Sydney, Australia and is the first release of D. Sudmalis.

You can pre-order the compilation here.


01. Леспинасс Гийом & Лyи Дe Лa Гekчe “Diskoteka Diskophonia”
02. Isak Anderssen “Roulette”
03. David Sudmalis “Aquamarine”
04. Oberst Gregor “Froschwurst”
05. Science Patrol “Dereks In The Desert”
06. Andy Rantzen, David Sudmalis “Barren Ground”
07. Pascal De Nuit “Point De Non Retour”
08. Art Teachers “We Don’t Earn Money”