As is too often the case these days, German producer and XLR8R podcast alumni Iron CurtisCare EP was originally intended to arrive in late 2014, but due to pressing plant delays, the record missed its initial release date. Now, with the four-track EP due out next week, Hudd Traxx has elected to share a full stream of the record ahead of its new drop date.

Across each of its four productions, Care is a subtly soulful endeavor—the title track buries a futuristic shuffle beneath water-logged strings, rich piano chords, and a bouncing synth sequence; “Sing Along with Your Friends” swells with organ chords, chopped keys, and flecks of gospel-like vocals; and the closing “Lasgas Return” takes a Dilla-esque approach to chopping Rhodes chords, which are only enhanced by an unpredictably active bassline that cleverly lurks just behind the beat. In short, Iron Curtis’ Care EP may have taken longer than expected to hit shelves, but given the quality of the tunes contained within, it seems likely to prove worth the wait.

The Berlin-based artist’s upcoming EP for Hudd Traxx (his second for the label) can be streamed in full below ahead of its new official release date, January 26.