Rising Montreal artist Project Pablo—a producer who we highlighted as part of our Bubblin Up Week feature series last month—will make his first contribution to the ever-growing 1080p label’s catalog next week in the form of the I Want to Believe LP. Ahead of the record’s release, Project Pablo’s forthcoming collection of chunky disco and swinging house hybrids can now be streamed in full on XLR8R.

Serving as Project Pablo’s first full-length outing, I Want to Believe is an effortlessly groove-focused affair, its many walking basslines and loose-swung house and disco beats meeting an array of breezy chords and tastefully bright melodies along the way. Initially beginning in a bit more hazy territory with album opener “Sky Lounge,” the record quickly starts letting the sun shine through, with cuts like “Follow It Up” and “Movin’ Out” dipping into sections of relaxed funk, while—later on—another album highlight, “Always,” digs a bit deeper beneath its woozy synth chords and crunchy layers of percussion.

Officially out in cassette and digital form on February 24 via 1080p, Project Pablo’s I Want to Believe LP can be streamed in its entirety via the player below.