Earlier this month, Broken District returned with the third installment of its VA series.

Continuing the label’s exploration of jazz and soul-influenced electronic music, Broken District 003 features productions from Turbojazz, Setwun, Leon Revol, Duktus, and label co-founders Jus Jam and Momla. Like the previous editions in the series, the tracks on Broken District 003 are high-quality beat cuts that forge a path through sun-drenched funk, broken-beat deep house, live jazz, and dreamy instrumental hip-hop, further cementing the sophisticated aesthetic and sound of the label.

To celebrate the release, which you can grab here, Broken District has offered up a full stream of co-founder Momla‘s “Smoking Monkey,” the VA’s shimmering, funk-filled closing cut, available to listen to via the player below.


1. Levon Revol “And If I Forget?”

2. Setwun “Lonnie”

3. Duktus & ODC Live Band “Deep Downstairs”

4. Turbojazz ft. Veezo “Pianodubrazil”

5. Jus Jam “Memories Live”

6. Momla “Smoking Monkey”