Damon Wild will release a new LP on Function’s Infrastructure label.

Cosmic Path will be Wild’s first full-length since Downtown Worlds back in 2004. It is also his first proper solo release on Infrastructure, despite having an ongoing musical relationship with Function, real name Dave Sumner, since 1991. Sumner’s earliest Function material came out Wild’s Synewave in the latter half of the ’90s when both artists were residing in New York.

The 15-track LP established what the artists call “the cosmic connection” and features “Space Race,” a 1998 track that Wild put on his own Synewave label as Nitevision. Sumner says “Space Race” “was inspired by the view I had from my [Manhattan] studio on the 15th floor, overlooking Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building. Damon was coming by nearly every day. I’ll never forget the day he came by after making it and playing it as we looked out over the city.”

The album is also another mark of Infrastructure’s return, the label which Sumner relaunched in 2014 with help from Ed Davenport (a.k.a Inland).


01. 1242
02. Aquarius
03. Red
04. Distant Carrier
05. Marslander
06. Sparse
07. Start Point
08. Baritones
09. Amber
10. Light
11. Responder
12. Spacerace
13. Unstable Space
14. Dining On Jupiter
15. Fridays Orbit (CD Mix)

Cosmic Path LP will land on December 8, with “Startpoint” streaming in full below.