Later this week, Berlin-based producer and DJ Matthew Burton will release his latest EP, Vielen Donk.

Comprised of four original compositions, Vielen Donk will officially launch Luke Black‘s new Chord Records imprint. The four cuts on the EP all sit at the deeper end of the house spectrum, ethereal grooves that lay down the framework for what’s the come from the label, which also recently held its first event at The Rainbow Venues in Birmingham, featuring performances from house and techno stalwarts Jane Fitz, Mathew Jonson, Daniel Bell, and Magda.

To give you a preview of the EP, Chord and Burton has offered up a full stream of the EP’s title track. Opening up the EP, Burton expertly weaves intricate synth lines and groove-led percussion into an otherworldly mix, subtly developing the elements across the six-and-a-half minute run time.

You can pre-order Vielen Donkhere before the July 14 release, with a full stream of the title track below.