Melbourne multi-instrumentalist and producer Lucianblomkamp follows up his minimalistic debut album, Post-Nature, with “From Afar,” the first single from his sophomore LP, Bad Faith—which will inaugurate the Good Manners label.

Released back in August, “From Afar” is an emotionally charged slice of pop-tinged electronics which now receives the remix treatment from Ghostly International artist Jakub Alexander (a.k.a. Heathered Pearls). Originally from Poland, Alexander moved to Detroit as a teenager where his passion for ambient music (imparted upon him through his mother) and his new found love for techno collided. Similar to artists like The Field, the repetitive and swimming nature of Alexander’s sound puts forth a unique dancefloor vibe that remains overtly meditative and hypnotic from start to finish. Holding back the beats, Heathered Pearls reigns in the original Lucianblomkamp track, morphing it into a gorgeous ambient concoction of floating vocals and textural atmospherics.

You can stream the track below and be sure to check out more from Heathered Pearls by going to his artist page here.