2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of French label and party series Skryptöm.

To celebrate the occasion, label founder Antoine Husson (a.k.a. Electric Rescue) has amassed a collection of producers, both label regulars and newcomers, that each share Skryptöm’s unique musical approach. You’ll find cuts from some of the biggest names from the French techno scene, artists such as Zadig, Moteka, Truncate, Laurent Garnier, Inigo Kennedy, Kmyle, Maxine Dangles, Paul Nazca, and Electric Rescue himself. Even though Skryptöm n°32 is a VA, it plays like a coherent album, with each of the producer’s cuts perfectly complimenting one another. Across the 14 tracks, the label lays out a beautiful cosmic journey into the depths of deep techno

Skryptöm n°32 drops later this month, and in the meantime, you can stream Inigo Kennedy‘s “Placation” in full via the player below, along with the tracklisting.


01. Laurent Garnier – Electric Djedi Disco Biscuit
02. Inigo Kennedy – Placation
03. Wlderz – Everything
04. Truncate – Ideas
05. Maxime Dangles – Our Own Choices
06. Kmyle – Athmos
07. Scan X – Stage Ready
08. Zadig – The Hadron’s Trail
09. Leghau – Timeless
10. Paul Nazca – Neuk
11. Roman Poncet – Caje
12. Johannes Heil – Obfuscator
13. Moteka – Asketyll
14. Electric Rescue – Together