Cesar Urbina’s Cubenx alias is somewhat of an XLR8R favorite—the Mexican producer has provided numerous downloads over the years, with his latest, also a cut from his forthcoming Elegiac LP, landing on Monday. Pushing a melodic, worldly, and totally unpredictable sound, Cubenx consistently carves out engrossing cuts that suck you into his sonic world.

His latest LP, Elegiac—which officially drops on InFiné tomorrow—features 11 brilliantly produced tracks, with four collaborations, including like-minded experimental producer Born In Flamez, Cyané, Pris Wayland, and Yasmine Hamdan. “A Sheltering Sky” is one of the most sprawling, and adventurous, cuts on the LP and is a direct reference to the film “The Sheltering Sky,” by Bernardo Bertolucci. The track mirrors the nomadic and romantic spirit of Elegiac, taking in Middle Eastern-infused melodies, raw breakbeats, jungle, floating atmospherics, and more straightforward 4×4 deepness.

Ahead of the release of Elegiac, you can stream “A Sheltering Sky” in full below, with the LP available for preorder here.