Lucy and Rrose will soon release a collaborative EP, entitled The Lotus Eaters.

Whereas many electronic producers aim at being the most prolific in their genre, Lucy and Rrose have chosen to be the most consistently curiosity-provoking representatives of their craft. Their decision to team up as a production duo for the newest Stroboscopic Artefacts EP may have seemed inevitable given their shared responsibility for shifting techno’s focus towards the facilitation of profound psycho-acoustic effects. And yet, even those who saw this coming will still be in for a ride.

Lucy’s skill as a studio technician—displayed over his trilogy of full-length albums—has always been enhanced by his skill as a storyteller and as an artist with reverence towards myths and the pull of the unknown. This sonic personality is a perfect complement to the scientific severity of Rrose, whose project was born in 2011 with a string of releases on the now decommissioned Sandwell District label.


A1 / 01. Chloroform
A2 / 02. Peeling
B1 / 03. Stained Glass
B2 / 04. Foil Gardens

The Lotus Eaters EP is scheduled for October 21 release, with “Chloroform” exclusively streamable in full bellow.